Scott RHoD

Marauders Attack, Day 1 (5/22/09)

Between Terrelton and Drellen’s Ferry, the party stumbled into a surprisingly well orchestrated hobgoblin ambush. These appeared to be well equipped soldiers who worked well together, not the small groups of rag-tag cowardly barbarians typically encountered.

The marauders were led by a priest…unusual because most hobgoblin groups are just led by the biggest and strongest hobgoblin…who carried a holy symbol of Tiamat (the 5-headed dragon goddess of greed and destruction). This is also unusual because most hobgoblins worship Bane (evil god of war).

Searching around the area of the ambush site, the party found a makeshift campsite (dirty bedrolls, a couple of small tents, cooking utensils, and remnants of a campfire) along with seven humanoid remains. Five appear to have been caravan guards (light armor, crossbows, and spears), one was probably a merchant (older female, well dressed and unarmed), and one looks like a local farmer (wearing only laborers clothes, with no weapons, armor, or other significant possessions).

A small, locked chest (the cleric has the key) is also found at the campsite. It contains 1200 gp in trade gems and loose coins, and a +2 amulet of protection.



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